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22 Jul 2009, 8:39pm
by Kevbo

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Never Take AC for Granted

So our AC compressor shorted sometime Monday night, and it’s now Wednesday afternoon and our house is on the verge of becoming something out of Lord of the Flies. I will never again take AC for granted.

Ant Colony Now Worldwide, Prepares for Domination of Earth

ist2_6548573-cute-fire-antAnother fun article by BBC suggests that one ant colony from Argentina - unknowingly helped along by humans travelling across the globe - have colonized most of the Earth, and their worldwide presence rivals that of the human population.

Researchers took various Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) from different parts of the globe - Japan, North America, Europe - and when they introduced the ants to each other, they each greeted each other as brothers. While still hostile to any other colony of ants, these ants recognize that they are from the same colony and are friendly to each other.

No reason is given as to why this particular colony of ants have been able to thrive all across the world and in so many different environments.

And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted TV personality I could be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

New Proof Shows Water Existed on Mars

090617-mars-lake-02New evidence today from a University of Colorado at Boulder research team shows definitive proof that water once existed on Mars, and more and more evidence is showing that there was possibly massive amounts of water on the now-barren planet.

The evidence points to a “deep, ancient lake” approximately the size of Lake Champlain, which is on the border between the US and Canada.

Here’s a reconstructed illustration of what the lake on Mars may have looked like.

Evidence seems to be coming in every few weeks from all across Mars’ terrain that water existed on the planet, particularily due to pictures coming back from High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

With the existence of water now seemingly less and less doubtful, how far away are we from discovering an ancient civilization of little green men?